Domestic electricity is usually 240 V AC; 50Hz. Plugs used in Cyprus are the British-type 13 amp 3 flat pin. 
It is required to register with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus or at local customer service centers in order to get electricity connected/turned on. Sometimes, the landlord does this and renter is charged to meter usage accordingly. It is possible to pay your bill online directly with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus.


There is no country-wide gas network and people are using natural gas (LPG gas) for cooking and heating. You can find it sold in 10 Kg canisters at supermarkets usually.


Local companies such as Cyta and PrimeTel provide telephone and Internet (and broadband) connection.


Normally the landlord pays for water though this expense may be redirected to the tenant.
The Cyprus Water Development Department controls public water provision to the island though each Municipality has its own water authority. You should contact the local Municipal offices for registration if this is necessary.